The Process
I’m going to share with you what I like to call:


The Pay It Forward Method

This is the exact process I use to get business owners excited about working with me.

Getting that first client is always a hurdle…

But here is the thing..

Once you’ve accomplished this you will be beyond excited to keep going and getting more.

When I first started out doing this I tried a whole wide range of different things.


I finally landed on The Pay It Forward method.

It looks like this..

It’s a process that will always work and continue to be effective, 1, 5 or even 10+ years from now.

This involves helping a business owner with their business for free.

You will be offering a consultation or simple service without asking for anything in return.

That is the true definition of Paying It Forward

Following me so far?

After reading this entire series you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to go out and apply this method as well.

Sound good?

This plays a key part in the first 2 steps I mentioned above.

Here is a diagram that shows you again what that looks like visually:

Step 1 – Finding Prospects:

The first step is actually finding businesses that NEED your help.

I’m going to keep it super simple in this post…

So as soon as you are done reading you can actually take action and apply this right away.

Sound like a good deal?

I like to go after local based businesses so that’s what we are going to focus on.

The way to do this is come up with the niche you want to focus on and do some simple Google searching.

I’m going to use the local town of Andover in my area and go after Electricians.

I’m searching for “Electrician Andover, MA

It looks like this:

Now let’s just say I had moved to Andover, bought a new home and discovered some electrical work was needed.

I’m also brand new to the area so I don’t particularly know anyone yet.

Which means no one is referring contractors to me.

Ok, so now what?

It is very likely the first thing you will do is head over to Google to search.

Most people will type in the exact same phrase, or possibly ‘Electrician Near Me’

Google will identify these businesses based on your geographic location and show them in the map area.

Make sense?

I don’t have many reviews to go on based on these 3 results.

Iannazzi has 1 review but I also discovered the review is 3 years old.

Now at this point, as a person seeking help I’m going to call them first and just call down the list till I can get someone. ..


I might even dig through the ‘More Places’ results to find electricians with some reviews.

This is what that looks like:

Going through these results further you can see Juba Electric Co Inc has 3 reviews but they also don’t show up in the top 3.

Now within a matter of minutes I was able to discover a few things about Juba Electric:

  • They are not in the top 3 map area which means less potential to get phone calls
  • The website they have is not mobile friendly which is going to lead to a poor mobile experience
  • They have a negative review which may turn away potential new customers
  • The Google Business page is not 100% complete due to missing business hours

Now in terms of the services I could offer to this Electrician there are a combination of things just looking at these 4 areas.

This is where the work of the Pay It Forward Method comes into play.

Of those 4 things I discovered 2 of them are very simple to solve and require me to spend absolutely zero dollars.

Think about it..

  • The Google My Business profile missing the business hours is a simple fix and requires less than 3 minutes of work.
  • You can also use the Whitespark Review Handout Generator as a tool to help this business get more positive reviews.

I also like to create a review link using the Google Maps API to help them easily get more reviews from existing customers.

Now you can see how quickly I discovered 2 very simple areas I can focus on helping this business with.

And get this..

I found this all within a few minutes of searching.

Pretty straightforward, huh?

You too can easily pick a niche, and focus on your own area.

I like to start with towns within a 15-20 mile radius of where I live.


This should give you more than enough businesses to seek out that might need your help.

Businesses also generally prefer to work with local people from my experience.

Here are some quick pointers on what to actually look for..

  • Websites that are not mobile friendly and are outdated, use the mobile test tool to confirm
  • Businesses that don’t have a website at all (becoming less and less common)
  • An incomplete Google My Business profile (you might see ‘Own this business?‘ in the listing meaning it’s unclaimed)
  • Businesses not ranking high (top 3) in the map area
  • Websites missing a Facebook pixel for re-targeting purposes – You can use Facebook Pixel Helper for Chrome for this
  • Businesses with a poor reputation such as zero reviews or really bad ones

Still with me?

Here’s How To Execute On This »