Step 2 – Creating a Simple Video Offering Value

The best way to convey this information we’ve discovered is to show it to the business owner.

You must do it in such a way that you are willing to go above and beyond to help them.

Make sense?

Unfortunately there are many people who offer these same types of services.

They assume spam emails and automated phone calls to businesses are going to get them sales.

This simply does not work..

So unfortunately for us most business owners have their guard up.

This is why it’s absolutely critical you utilize The Pay It Forward Method to stand out from everyone else.

Is this making sense to you?

We are going to use a few tools to quickly and easily show them the problems we found.

You are going to do it in such a way that you are both discussing the good and the bad about your findings.

I do it in such a way that I come off as transparent but honest.

People resonate with that..

This is how I do it…

  1.  Download Use Loom for video recording.

This is free to use and will allow you quickly record a simple screen share video.

You can instantly share these videos after you are done recording.

Refer 3 people for free and you will get unlimited videos and recording time which I highly recommend doing.

  1. This is optional but another simple ‘show off’ you can do is to run a free scan over on Moz Local of their business.

This will find business listings that have duplicates or missing information.

These listings will be sites similar to Yelp or Yellowpages…

Now, why is this important?

The more of these listings they have….

And the more consistent they are…

The higher the chances of them actually ranking top 3 in the maps.  

  1. Open the required browser tabs:
  • Open the business website
  • The mobile test tool – I do this even if the website is mobile friendly and show them it’s all set.
  • Moz Local results
  • The search you did to find them – In my example ‘Electrician Andover, MA’
  1. Use Loom to record a quick 5-7 minute video explaining your findings.

Be genuine and talk about what is actually positive and what’s not.

Mention if the website is mobile friendly.

Explain how they could be getting more phone calls if they ranked high in the maps.

Show them how you could help them get more reviews.

Easy, right?

Offer to jump on a phone call to discuss further.

You should also give them something that they can take action with based on what you talked about.

I’ve actually put together a page with some additional details AND an example video you can watch as I go through this here. 

(Go watch it, then keep reading the remaining steps)

Step 3 – The Follow Up


By this point you should be well on your way to creating short video audits and creating helpful short videos.

The purpose of these will be to show business owners you actually want to help them.

Make sense?

Now we are going to discuss the follow up.

This is so important..

If you miss it, this will mean that all the time you put into Step’s 1 and 2 will be wasted.

Want to know one of the biggest mistakes I made when I started?

I spent a TON of time creating videos.

But here is the thing..

I was actually uploading them to YouTube before sending them out.

This is not good for several reasons:

  • I didn’t really know if they watched my video
  • It took forever to process, upload and add the title to the video
  • The amount of time I put into video uploading and production was making it harder to get motivated

Here is what I did to save tons of time…

With Use Loom you will get an email notification once your video is viewed.

The video is also uploaded instantly..

And you get the video URL copied to your clipboard for you.

Problems solved!


Now that I’ve saved you countless hours by using Loom how about that follow up process?

This is how I do it..

Here is my typical system for follow up:

  1. Confirm before you even make your video that you have some way of actually sending it to the business owner.

This means you need to make sure you have an email address you can send it to.

This is super important..

Usually you can find the contact email on the ‘Contact Us’ page of the website or somewhere in the header or footer area.

  1. You are going to need a good email address for yourself that won’t raise a red flag.

If you want the simple route just make something decent with Zoho Mail for free.

  1. Create a simple spreadsheet for tracking your outreach efforts.

Google Sheets will work just fine for this.

Once you really get going you might eventually want a solid CRM like HubSpot CRM (It’s free)

  1. Craft a nicely designed email that simply let’s the business owner know that you recorded a helpful video for them.

Simple, right?

Don’t try to be sneaky or say anything strange.

Just be genuine and reach out with an honest tone.

It will be key to close the email with something along the lines of:

If you liked what I mentioned in the video, when would you be available for a call to discuss further?”

Why do this?

This is important because you are asking them to take action on getting in touch with you.

  1. Use Hubspot Sales for free to track your email opens.

This way you will know if they actually opened your email or not.

What Happen’s If They Don’t Reply? »