Now at this point I might typically wait a day or so

If I don’t get a reply I will take some extra initiative and call the business owner.

I know for many of you…

The idea of “cold calling” is pretty scary at first.

Most won’t even want to follow up with that call.

But here is the thing..

This year I interviewed numerous 6 and 7 figure digital agency owners..


I asked every single one How did you get clients when you started?”

The #1 way they got all got sales is by simply picking up the phone.


John, I don’t want to cold call!

In my eyes, you are no longer in the position of cold calling.

You are actually calling with a unique angle you can use..

Let’s consider it a “warm call“.

All you have to do is ask if they received your email.

If they say no…

Just ask them to take a look and get back to you when they have some time.

Sound good?

If they push you for more information you can simply say:

Well I sent you over a video with some information I thought you would find useful about your business”

You will want to keep the details light..

You want them to watch and understand what you SHOW them in the video.


This is what will ultimately get them interested in speaking further.

You may find you will have to express what exactly you said in the video.

It’s not a big deal..

This may turn into a conversation about discussing it further or someone simply telling you ‘I’m not interested’ which is fine.

The angle you need to absolutely remember..

I’ve actually had business owners tell me they were not interested.

But here is the thing…

When I offered to help them 100% for free they would ask me:

What is it exactly that you do again?”

Which opens up the conversation to start a free consultation.

If you are willing to go that extra mile people will be receptive and open up to listening to you.

Make sense?

Here is what I recommend for a super simple freebie.

I’d suggest helping business owners with their Google My Business page listing.


It’s so easy to fix or improve.

You are basically uploading some photos..

Fixing business hours..

Adding business categories..

And all of this can be done within mere minutes.

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