The SEO Consulting Blueprint

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What's The Story? 

In 2014 I created a Udemy version of my course on how to start your own digital marketing agency. (Now called The SEO Consulting Blueprint)

Eventually the course became a best selling course on Udemy but for YEARS many people told me I could price my course a lot higher due to the value I provide with what I'm teaching.

So I've decided to do just that, while also improving the content vastly in 2018 and beyond. ​

The simple reality is that if you follow my course and get even just 1 web design or SEO client for $300-500 you've made all your money back. (Consider this being the most simple lowest end service you offered)

Even better is if you do it once, you can likely do it over and over again and turn this into a real business you can scale over the next several years. 

What's Been Updated In This Version?

Over 7 Coaching Calls - 7+ Hours Of Additional Content

From 2016 - 2018 I went and recorded several 1 hour long webinar sessions covering topics like mindset, getting clients, outsourcing, whitehat link building, working with clients long term and tons more. These calls are not included in the Udemy version. 

8+ Hours Of Agency Owner Interviews

From 2016-2018 I went out and interviewed multiple six and seven figure marketing agency owners to learn what made them so successful. Instead of making these interviews public I decided to keep them exclusively for students inside my program.

These interviews alone have tons of gold nuggets you can apply immediately to growing your own agency and scaling faster. 

2-3 Hours Of Additional Case Studies & Tool Insights

One thing I pride myself on is being transparent with my online courses. I decided to include several new case studies showing who I outsource to, the results I get from the outsourcer's and I even walk you through several good and bad examples of working with clients.

I even included a live sales call of me closing a $500 SEO audit which you can model from to land your own consulting opportunities. ​

Re-done Original Videos

I wanted to increase the production value of my course, so roughly 30 videos of me on camera were re-shot from scratch with updated content for 2018 and beyond. 

Future Updates

I realized after creating over 40 Udemy courses and spending the last 6 years as an Internet Marketer I needed to focus more of my time on one thing. I decided for that to be working with clients and selling this very same course.

That's good for you because any future updates I add will only go into the SEO Consulting Blueprint and the Udemy version will no longer be getting updates. 

Higher Level Of Support From Me

For all of my students in the SEO Consulting Blueprint I go the extra mile by recording personalized videos to answer questions, provide support and push you in the right direct so you can be successful. 

I also give you access to my small secret Facebook group where you can join other members. 

What's The Discounted Offer? 

Now most likely you snagged a copy of my Udemy course for some huge discounted price. Nearly 90% of my Udemy sales are made from huge discounts.

Right now I'm selling The SEO Consulting Blueprint for $497 to the public, and in all honesty I think the course is worth a lot more (Remember what I said above about just getting 1 client?)​

Since you have the Udemy version already, I'm going to allow you to jump in for just $197, that's 60% off the current price any new students will pay.

If you want to take your journey with digital marketing seriously AND support me in a big way I'd be grateful to have you come on board and join The SEO Consulting Blueprint.

Want to see the full version of the sales page? This will show you everything you get.

I'll see you on the inside :)​

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